Proyecto Islandia

Programming of equipment to adapt the variable voltage and frequency of the tail generator in a fishing vessel to fixed voltage and frequency in order to feed its power network.

2021 #

INPROAFE AUTOMATION implements an energy generation system by utilising the diesel propulsion motor of a fishing vessel (Shaft-Generator Application).

The project consists of an energy generation system which uses the movement of a magnetic motor/generator fitted to the vessel’s diesel propulsion motor.

The VAC generated by the motor is sent to a Siemens S120 module drive controller which converts it into stabilised VDC. The power in this network is 1500kW, which can be converted back to VAC (using an AFE unit) or it can be used directly by the motor modules (for compressors, fishing machines etc.)

The VAC generated (up to 770kW) can be used to power vessel facilities, and may be used in parallel with an auxiliary diesel generator by synchronising the frequency and voltage.

A liquid cooling system is used for the Siemens power units (motor modules and AFE).


  • There is a monitoring screen which displays all the system’s variables as well as a data record system which makes it easy to find a solution to any possible system failure.

  • A much smaller generator to feed the vessel’s facilities is needed.

  • It is even possible to work without an auxiliary generator, by feeding the entire vessel with the power generated by this system (ISLAND MODE).

  • The system can use the AFE module to feed equipment connected to the DC bus, with the propulsion motor inactive (by powering from the auxiliary generator).

  • Perfect load synchronicity and distribution with the auxiliary generator (frequency and voltage alignment) thanks to communication with the vessel’s PMS system.

  • Reduced cabinet size thanks to the liquid-cooling system.