INPROAFE AUTOMATION contributes to the technological development of the industrial fabric by offering clients high quality bespoke products and support for their product’s entire life cycle, thereby managing each project with a view to adding value to both the company and the client.

We offer industrial electrical and automation services, covering engineering and design, programming, start-ups and technical support anywhere in the world.

INPROAFE AUTOMATION offers bespoke products which draw on the latest products available in the automation technology market. We develop cutting-edge engineering and design of any bespoke applications which the global market might require.

We have specialised knowledge of the production installations, machines and processes where we install our products or offer our services. Technological development and innovation is a key factor for INPROAFE AUTOMATION. To this end, our staff receive ongoing training in order to provide them with the necessary and appropriate skills in the latest technologies available on the market.

Our company’s added-value benefits include giving particular importance to forming a close relationship with our clients and the guarantee of a swift response and delivery of products and services of the highest quality. Hence, we are able to offer very competitive products in our sector.


The management team at INPROAFE AUTOMATION consists of the three founding members of the company, all of whom are professional engineers with over 25 years of knowledge and experience in developing projects in the field of industrial technology.

The staff at INPROAFE AUTOMATION is made up mainly of skilled technicians and experts with a recognised professional background in the field.


Our technical knowledge and expertise in automation has been recognised in projects in diverse countries around the world.

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