2021 Ferrol, SPAIN

Inproafe Automation programmes the distributed control system (DCS) at a biodiesel plant, including settings and adjustment of control links. Start-up of system.

2021 Castellón, SPAIN

Integration of new equipment and systems as well as implementation of modifications to PLC and SCADA at a biodiesel plant. Adjustment and start-up of system.

2021 Ferrol, SPAIN

Inproafe Automation carries out preventive maintenance on control equipment, PLCs and client servers at a biodiesel plant.


2021 Polonia, POLAND

Development and programming of an automated tool to perform FAT tests on series cabinets in a PITCH system at an OFF SHORE wind farm.

2022 Toledo, SPAIN

Supply and automatic/manual programming of a testing system for reading pitch process data from ON SHORE machines.

2022 Jabil, CHINA

Supply and programming of a final testing tool (FAT) at a plant which manufactures control cabins for OFF SHORE wind generators